Monday, November 11, 2013

Wantagh beats Elmont in first round playoff bout, 24-21

                                                           The Wantagh march
Wantagh marching band halftime performance on Saturday afternoon at WHS. (Photo by: Cody Normand)

                                                          Gazing the win
Wantagh resident Charlie Schwartz looks on as the Warriors drive down the field. (Photo by: Cody Normand)

                                                      Journey to the pylon
Wantagh huddles up during a timeout in the first half. (Photo by: Cody Normand)
                                                            Cheering to victory
  Wantagh cheerleader looks on during the second half at Lawrence Field. (Photo by: Cody Normand)
                                                           Line up in shadows
Shadows cast behind the cheerleaders late in the second half. (Photo by: Cody Normand)
                                                          Battle in the trenches
Wantagh offensive line and Elmont defensive line square off on the five yard line. (Photo by: Cody Normand)


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