Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pats To Work Out A Deal For Ochocinco?

After an abysmal 2011 campaign with the Patriots, reports say that the Pats are actually trying to restructure Ocho's contract. He is scheduled to make somewhere around $3 million next year, coming off of a 15 reception, 276 yards, and 1 touchdown season.

Most people thought that after the Super Bowl loss, Ochocinco would be looking for a job with another team. But it seems as if the Patriots see something in him and think he will have a positive impact on the 2012 season. If they didn't believe he would contribute to the team, he would have already been cut and these contract talks would not be happening.

I was a part of the "Ochocinco hopefulls" every week where I would say, this is it, this is going to be Chad's breakout game. Unfortunately, that never happened and Patriots fans were disappointed with the once loud mouthed receiver week in and week out. The word is that this guy works harder than anyone on the team and his work ethic is what kept him on the team throughout the entire year. Out of the hundreds of things that the Patriots organization thrives at, dealing with personnel is one of their greatest skills. They seem to always release players at the right time (Albert Haynesworth, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law to name a few), and they never seem to overpay for anyone.

It will be interesting to see if Chad Ochocinco is willing to reconstruct his contract at a lower value than $3 million. In Belichick we trust.

P.S. Brady needs to bring back the flow.

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