Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pats Win Ugly Again; Clinch Bye

As bad as the Patriots have looked on defense at times this season, getting carved up by
the immortal Matt Moore gets put right up there on the mantle of horrendous performances. What made it worse this time around was that the offense looked just as bad. Miami was able to get pressure on Brady and lock in on the Patriots receiving corps downfield. The run, surprisingly enough, was a non-factor as well.

Then halftime came around. Down 17-0 and getting dominated in all aspects of the game (special teams included, Gostkowski) Bill Belichick and his coaching staff did what they have done for years; adapt. Tom and the offense executed flawlessly, while the defense got back to their ball-hawking ways, forcing two critical turnovers. Gostkowski even made a huge tackle himself in the third quarter. The injuries to Matt Light and Logan Mankins are extremely worrisome moving forward, which makes the first round bye the Pats clinched today even more meaningful.

As Patriot fans we shouldn't be spending our time pointing out this team's shortcomings after wins. I know the defense has been horrendous, and if the offense plays like it did in the first half today it might be another quick playoff exit in Foxboro. But this team simply makes plays when they have to. They win games they're supposed to win as well as games against highly talented teams on both sides of the ball like Dallas, the Jets, Chargers and Eagles. Guys step up when they get the opportunity, except Underwood, that guy has blown EVERY chance he's gotten. They have a lot of work to do but as long as the game is within reach going into halftime, I'll put my money on the hooded one and reigning MVP quarterback making the adjustments necessary to win.

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