Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shortest Term For A Record? Brady In The Hunt

As you may know, Drew Brees passed Dan Marino on the all-time single season passing yardage record with 5,087 in last nights win against the Falcons. This record stood for 27 years and the question now is, how long will this record stand? The twist is that Brees still has one more game to go, so that record of 5,087 will most likely have at least 150 more yards added to it.

Tom Brady has 4,897 yards on the season and would only need 190 yards passing in week 17 against the Bills to tie Brees' current record. As I said though, Brees still has another game to play. It is a realistic feat that Brady could indeed break Drew Brees' record, but would need some help.

In order for Brady to break the record, he would have to throw for at least 375-400 yards and Brees would have to be shut down to no more than 200 yards. While the odds are stacked against Brady, he is one of the best QB's in NFL history and has done some pretty incredible things throughout his career that no one thought he would ever do.

Quick side note: Drew Brees is a class act. I've always had respect for him, but after seeing his post game locker room speech, I couldn't think of a better person for this to happen to. He deserves it.

Check the speech out here starting at the :30 mark:

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