Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick Rant

Hey everyone,

I was browsing through ESPN a minute ago and something irked me enough to write a post. The story was that Dwight Howard has added the Clippers to his trade list. This stiff having a trade list is enough for me to dislike him, but it got me thinking about the state of the NBA.

The summer 2010 free agent class obviously started this whole mess off with the media giving LeBron 24/7 coverage of his 'sweepstakes' and joining up with Bosh and Wade in Miami. Then we had Carmelo Anthony handpicking his team through a trade, followed by the Chris Paul fiasco and now Howard. The 2010 Olympic team was basically led by those guys just mentioned and Kobe.

So you have 6 young superstars who have been given everything since they were in high school, and now are being allowed to dictate the future of the league and the sport. A no trade clause will continue to happen throughout sports, i get that. However I really think it's going to lead to major problems in this league. Smaller markets are barely surviving as it is, now after the three year rookie contract, they will lose their superstars and start all over again.

The best thing that can happen for the game right now is for a team like Dallas, San Antonio,OKC or Chicago to win the championship for the next few years. Don't give me any "Boston did the same thing" crap either because Pierce thought he'd be traded, KG refused to go to Boston for months before the deal, and Ray Allen was notably upset about leaving Seattle at first. Danny Ainge orchestrated the Celtics team, not the players. All of these super-teams are going to go through what we are right now in Boston, when their big three's get old and washed up like the C's. But that is still six years away minimum. I hope for the game's sake that unselfish superstars like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose stay where they are, and build champions the right way. In the meantime, I've never been happier to be a day in, day out follower of the NHL. Go Bruins.

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