Saturday, January 7, 2012

Will The Patriots Win Their First Playoff Game Since 2007-2008?

The time has come. After a devastating playoff loss to the Jets last season(255 days ago), Patriots fans have been waiting for revenge. Since the 2007-2008 season, the Pats haven't won a playoff game.

The drought is over Pats fans. The Patriots will win their first playoff game in four years come January 14th. The question is, who will they play? It's either going to be the Bengals, Broncos, or the Steelers. All three of these teams are very beatable. The Bengals are young and inexperienced, the Broncos, well, are the Broncos, and the Steelers are banged up. Big Ben isn't half the quarterback he truly is with his ankle injury. In my opinion, the fact that he played in week 17 was absolutely ridiculous. He looked terrible. But how can you blame him? Anyone trying to play quarterback on one foot would be terrible. That's on Mike Tomlin and the Steelers management. But I digress.

As everyone has been saying throughout the entire season, the defense must step it up if this team is going to make a run to Indianapolis. The great thing about the playoffs is that everyone has a clean slate. The regular season records are forgotten, and everyone starts out 0-0. The Patriots defense must have the same mentality. Forget everything that happened in the regular season including the criticism, and last place ranking.

The key to the Patriots defensive success is going to be their front four. The defensive line MUST pressure every quarterback they face. The backfield for the Patriots will not change. They are every inch of average and the only way the Patriots can avoid being lit up through the air is if the d-line brings the heat and doesn't allow the opposing teams receivers time to shake the defenders.

Now, do I dare bring up a controversial question that if the Patriots fail to win a playoff game this year, Bill Belichick should be put on the hot seat? No way right?

But no worries Pats fans, whether it's one, two, or hopefully three playoff wins, the Patriots winless drought ends next weekend.

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