Friday, January 13, 2012

Throwback Player of the Day

Ben Coates
Patriots TE 1991-1999

Here's a trivia question that will be sure to win you some bets; What college did Ben Coates go to? The answer, of course, is Livingstone College. I had never heard of it but Coates was actually the 2nd of 3 players drafted from there in program history. Another Patriot who was instrumental to the rebuilding of the organization in the 90's, Coates retired before the glory years. Unlike Chris Slade, he did get a ring. Coates was part of a dynamic TE duo with Shannon Sharpe for the 2000 Super Bowl champion Ravens. In Foxboro, the 6'5'' 245 pound force caught 490 balls for over 5,400 yards in 9 seasons. His career year came in 1994 when he hauled in 96 catches for over 1,100 yards. All 50 of his touchdowns came with New England, as well as both of his 1st team All-Pro selections and 5 Pro Bowl appearances.

All Youtube has for Coates (10 catches, 74 yards in this game) video is this famous Bledsoe comeback vs. Minnesota in '94.

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